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    Environmental Energies


    Green is best for agriculture

    Agricultural Solar Power - Despite recent negative comments about solar energy production on agricultural land it would appear that in terms of time scale, cost and green credentials it really is the best way ahead. The NFU support Agricultural Solar Power generation.

    Tips for choosing a solar panel installer

    Solar panel installation should be on every one's minds currently. Countries such as the US, Europe and China are planning to get huge amounts of their power requirements from solar energy, and governments are providing huge amounts of funding to facilitate the change.

    Why more solar panels should be facing west, not south.

    It has always been thought that solar panels should be mounted to a southerly aspect, and that this would maximise the production of electricity. Of course this is true in most cases, but what is important to consider is peak time higher tariffs and our electricity usage. Is a westerly aspect for solar panels desirable?

    Solar panels for stables

    Think about your stable, wouldn't it be great if you had free electricity to make up your horses food with warm water, and for the dark winter nights being able to use lights! Solar panels can be easily and cheaply installed on your stable roof.

    The SOLiC 200 Immersion

    Controller converts energy generated by your existing PV panels into hot water by automatically diverting unused power through to your immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.