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    Environmental Energies


    Join the community renewables revolution

    Community renewable energy projects are growing in popularity with each passing day. Driven by concern about climate change, communities up and down the country are investing in renewable energy projects to cut their carbon footprints.

    Keeping solar prices low

    Solar panel manufacturers currently use a gold-based gluey paste to fix fragile solar PV cells to the electrodes on solar PV panels. Gold, being a very expensive commodity has a large impact on the price of solar products and can account for as much as 30 per cent of the production cost. Solar power in countries such as the US is already a viable alternative to fossil fuels such as oil and gas generated power. Lets hope this will ensure the longevity of solar power in the UK.

    Believe it or not a group of businessmen are seeking funding from the UK government to import solar energy from Africa!

    Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes in 2018.The scheme would provide power for in excess of 2 million UK homes and would fit with the current policy to curb planning for some of the very large solar farm schemes that have been allowed by planners to blight some of our rural landscape. Not only has this happened with Solar but also wind turbines. Sadly, the way the government has legislated means even the most sensible planners had their hands tied behind their backs.

    Green is best for agriculture

    Agricultural Solar Power - Despite recent negative comments about solar energy production on agricultural land it would appear that in terms of time scale, cost and green credentials it really is the best way ahead. The NFU support Agricultural Solar Power generation.

    Tips for choosing a solar panel installer

    Solar panel installation should be on every one's minds currently. Countries such as the US, Europe and China are planning to get huge amounts of their power requirements from solar energy, and governments are providing huge amounts of funding to facilitate the change.