Environmental Energies

    Why switching to solar will help your business

    Electricity bills are unpredictable at the best of times, continually shifting and rising with inflation. The larger your premises (or the more sites you operate from) the more costly your energy bills will be. There are, however, ways to generate the power you need cost-effectively, and solar power is a sustainable choice.



    Reduce your operating costs

    Solar power has the potential to reduce or eliminate the grid power you use, drastically reducing your operating costs. Of course, there is the upfront investment; however, investing in solar power generates long-term savings and quick payback. For example, our fully integrated solutions, including commercial solar panels, battery storage, off-grid solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.



    Boost your green credentials & CSR

    Public awareness of renewable energy has been growing rapidly, as reflected in the large number of homes that now have solar panels installed, which was nearly 3% of all UK households in 2020. Consumers are choosing brands wisely too, paying particular attention to eco-credentials and corporate social responsibility (CSR). By switching to solar, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, building a ‘greener’ brand image that may give you the edge over the competition.



    Improve energy security

    Power outages occur, but for businesses even the slightest period of downtime can negatively affect workflows. The reliability and lifespan of solar panels is outstanding. According to an NREL study, out of the 54,500 panels, researchers looked at (installed between 2000 and 2015) just 5 out of 10,000 panels failed each year.



    Solar power requires minimal maintenance

    Once installed and optimised, solar panels can provide a 30-year lifespan, whilst they are not loud or obtrusive, and require very minimal maintenance to function. All that is needed is a periodic light cleaning to ensure any dirt, leaves and other debris aren’t obstructing UV rays.



    Solar energy helps you plan for growth

    With solar energy, you can gain an accurate account of ongoing power costs, which is not always possible when you are dependent on the grid. Power costs are predicted to keep rising, and there can be drastic fluctuations from one quarter to another. Yet, solar power delivers consistent and predictable returns, and it’s a truly renewable energy source.



    How can Environmental Energies help you?

    We’ve helped small and large businesses reduce energy bills and improve sustainability with fully integrated solar solutions. We can reduce energy consumption by up to 85% — generating huge savings from tariffs and taxes, as well as carbon reduction charges.

    As an advocate of green technologies, we can also work closely with you to improve your brand reputation, helping you strengthen relationships with supply chain and potential customers. To learn more about our experience and our commercial solar services, please send us a message or call our friendly team today.