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    Voltage optimisation is the control of the level of voltage of your electricity supply. 

    Optimising voltage can significantly reduce electrical energy use and improve the useful life of your electrical equipment. This is achieved by stabilising your voltage to 220 volts, which is the UK voltage that most electrical equipment is designed to operate at. 

    Interestingly, voltage feeds that are either too high or too low can cause increased use of electricity and shorten the life of your electrical equipment, without giving any improvement in performance. This is similar to a petrol engine where the same occurs if petrol injection is too much or too little.

    Reducing energy consumption is key to cutting energy bills. Voltage optimisation should therefore be considered to reduce electric bills.


    Voltage optimisation is very effective in domestic situations, but even more so in industrial and commercial environments where 3 phase supplies are used. An imbalance in 3-phase supply will drastically shorten the life of potentially very expensive equipment and machinery due to overheating and significantly increase energy use.

    The voltage optimisation products that we offer are all British made and engineered to the highest standards and efficiencies. They are available in a variety of specifications to suit the needs of your business. The voltage optimisation unit is easily installed between your electricity meter and your consumer unit and is a perfect partner for renewable energy technologies. Installing a voltage optimisation unit can not only increase the efficiency and life span of your electrical equipment, it can also help to improve the efficiency of air source and ground source heat pumps, and solar PV systems.

    If high energy bills are of concern, businesses would be wise to consider installing a voltage optimisation unit to reduce electric bills.

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