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    Here at Environmental Energies, we supply and provide a number of commercial and domestic EV charging solutions. We recognise that the market is changing daily where people are looking for a more efficient solution to their day to day lives.

    The market is rapidly changing when it comes to how we view and think about our daily carbon foot print. Electric vehicles are now slowly becoming a popular choice for businesses managing fleets of vehicles, as well as the everyday person. Electric cars can be as powerful and effective as the traditional fuel types, but can be at a fraction of the cost to run.

    Investing in EV Charging as a Renewable Solution

    Investing in electric vehicles for your fleet of commercial vehicles will readily reduce all running and maintenance costs, enhance your reputation when thinking about how green you are being, and generally increase the awareness and enhance your brand reputation. Environmental Energies offers the means to provide charging options commercially for your premises, and domestically for your property. The options we provide enable recharging of vehicles at your own dedicated charging points, whilst utlising integrated renewable energy generation. This essentially means that the energy generated has a significantly reduced CO2 emission value as well as a reduction in other deterrents and pollutants.

    Your Investment in the future


    Air pollution in the UK is currently at an all time disturbing level and this is predominately due to the masses of petrol and diesel vehicles that are in use on a day to day basis. Sadly, the current state of pollution means that lives are shortened every year due to the deterrents involved, and seemingly low level solutions available. However, things are changing and we are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint. As mentioned, there are more and more electric vehicles now on the roads; both private and commercial and this is increasing year by year. One of the issues this brings up however, is that many businesses fall short to provide the electric car charger stations for these vehicle owners. But this is where Environmental Energies can help – as we are providers of many forms of EV Charging solutions.

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    If you would like a more tailored quote for us to provide a more long term and sustainable solution for you then please get in touch with us today. We cater for each individual requirement for your needs and placeablity. Call us or complete the form, and one of our energy experts will be in touch shortly.

    Authorised Installers of EO EV & MyEnergi Zappi Chargers

    If you choose to seek our EV charging solutions, simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

    We are proud and certified installers of both the EO EV and MyEnergi Zappi Chargers, so you can be rest assured that we will have the ideal solution for your requirements, all fully certified and regulated.

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