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    The Solar Car Port Solution

    Enviornmental Energies provides a car port solution to you to deliver a completely bespoke and high quality solution to not only store your vehicle, but to keep it energized and charged.So you can be rest assured that your car will be sheltered, and conveniently charging to its fullest – without the hassle of finding the nearest charge point.

    What is a solar carport?

    A solar carport in essence is a dual function, stand alone solid structure. It not only provides shelter for vehicles, but also generates safe and clean renewable energy from the sun. The solution that’s presented to you by Environmental Energies can then be utilised as desired, for any sectors. We also offer a more commercial solution, to charge a fleet of vehicles.

    Our solar car ports are purposefully created to cater for many different styles and complexities of parking spaces. And whats beneficial to you is that this can be customized to seamlessly mix in with your surrounding environments. They can be completely customised and tailored to your requirements, and can be made to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions – so you can rest assured that the weather won’t deter this process – we can provide an internal rain water drainage option, lighting and theft resistant solutions also. Environmental Energies can provide your solution and installation service throughout the UK.

    Why use Environmental Energies to install your solar car port?

    Here at Environmental Energies, we stay on the pulse with whats current and safe for the environment. Our experienced and technical team of experts tailor each desired solar car port from scratch, and is fully customised to your budgets.

    With many years of experience under our belt, our solar car ports are effective, straight forward to install and provide a long term efficient solution, potentially saving you a lot of time and cost. Not only can they can be adapted to any style and purpose, but we can also provide a branding solution also, enhancing your brand reputation on sustainability. And this can be a big plus point for your company. The structures that we provide can be easily customised or re-positioned.

    We can also make this future-proof so if you want to expand on this in the future at any point, this can also be accommodated.

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    We not only provide the ultimate solution to your needs, but our technical team can work with you on any technical configurations and any specific requirements that you may have. Our car port structures are available readily, and we can provide a full installation and service/maintenance for it also.

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