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    Businesses become greener by adopting multi technology solutions

    Businesses making a strategic shift towards greener energy sources are becoming increasingly ambitious. Instead of utilising the benefits of a single renewable energy product, UK businesses and organisations, especially those with large carbon footprints and hefty energy bills, are investing in a combination of complimentary green technologies. A bespoke solution, combining renewable technologies, will maximise energy bill savings and carbon reductions.

    Multi technology solutions are particularly beneficial for energy intensive industries, such as manufacturing and agriculture, who, with their high heating and cooling demands, consume large amounts of electricity during their working hours. These, and other energy intensive industries, need to find a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of energy they draw from the grid. This can be easily achieved by generating renewable heat and electricity on site.

    We’re certainly seeing more and more clients embrace multi technology solutions to boost their green credentials and reduce their reliance on expensive fossil fuels. From a fruit farm looking to reduce their substantial heating and cooling bills to a national PLC wanting to cut their rather large carbon footprint, our complete renewable energy solutions are designed to help all businesses save money and become greener.

    The smarter choice for energy intensive industries

    Take a large distribution centre for example, where, despite using a considerable amount of grid fed energy, its old, inefficient heating system isn’t up to the job of keeping staff warm during the colder months. The centre also uses a colossal amount of energy to charge its fleet of forklift batteries every day, giving a combined Gas & Electric consumption of several megawatts every year. By combining an effective battery management system and complementary mix of renewable technologies to meet heating and power needs, the distribution centre would see its energy costs drop significantly.

    The installation of a waste to energy system, could provide all the fuel needed to run a biomass fed CHP system, completely removing grid costs for heating and, by combining these technologies with Solar PV, could reduce the overall annual running costs for facilities by as much as 80%.

    You can find out more about the businesses we’ve helped  with multi technology solutions by reading our case studies.

    Multi technology solutions: the perfect renewable energy partnership

    When designed and installed correctly, multiple renewable energy solutions work extremely well together to address heating and power needs. Environmental Energies offers a range of bespoke combined green energy solutions, each designed to meet the specific needs of the premises including:-

    • Biomass Boilers
    • Ground Source and Air Source heat pumps
    • LED Lighting
    • Combined Heat & Power units (CHP)
    • Organic Rankine Cycle units (ORC)
    • Solar PV
    • Waste to Energy solutions

    For businesses keen to embrace multi technology solutions, Environmental Energies can provide the perfect renewable energy partnership to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

    Get up to £10,000 towards the cost of energy saving solutions with the Carbon Trust

    Businesses keen to cut their carbon footprint and reduce their energy costs and reliance on grid energy would do well to consider combining renewable energy solutions. And thanks to the introduction of the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund, SMEs can apply for financial support to help fund the cost of implementing sustainable energy solutions.

    Successful applicants will benefit from funding equivalent to 15% of a project’s total cost (up to £10,000) to install energy saving solutions. Available to SMEs in England, Scotland and Wales, equipment must be installed by Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers. The scheme opens its doors in June 2016 for a limited period and will offer support on a first come, first served basis.

    As a Carbon Trust Accredited Business, we can design and install renewable energy solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you would like to know more about our bespoke multi technology solutions, you can contact us on 01858 525 407 or email sales@environmentalenergies.co.uk.