Environmental Energies

    The SOLiC 200 Immersion

    Controller converts energy generated by your existing PV panels into hot water by automatically diverting unused power through to your immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.

    What is the Solic 200?

    The SOLiC 200 is an Immersion controller which converts energy generated by existing Residential-solar-panel-installers PV panels into hot water. It automatically diverts unused power through to an immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid. The system is simple to use and virtually free of maintenance. SOLiC 200 is easy to install, self-contained and can save you hundreds of pounds over the year.

    SOLiC 200 has a 10 year replacement guarantee and has been designed, fully tested and constructed in Britain to the highest CE standards for a 25 year lifespan. The unit can be installed without the need for plumbing alterations. With two variable operating modes.

    The Solic 200 load sensor can either be mounted to measure the energy being generated by the solar panels or the electricity being fed back into the grid. The Solic 2000 can be used in either mode depending on the household habits and requirements; ensuring maximum usage of surplus power.

    The SOLiC 200 operates automatically, however if you wish there is an override function allowing the immersion heater to be switched on manually for 90 minutes. A 30 minute pause function is also available regardless of whether there is an excess of solar energy.

    * Provides hot water from existing solar PV panels

    * Returns on investment in less than three years

    * Includes 10 year replacement guarantee

    * Reduces your CO2 emissions

    * Requires no plumbing alterations

    * Works even on cloudy days

    * Complies with CE and British Standards Prevents ingress of insects and dust as unit is fully sealed when correctly fitted

    * Engineered to last 25 years

    * Keeps indoor frost away when heating is off

    * Provides hot water in remote locations

    * Incorporates built-in overheating protection

    * Works independently of solar installation

    * Saves hundreds of £’s annually on energy bills

    * Solic 200 is made in Britain

    * Uses compact and robust aluminium construction to prevent corrosion

    If you are interested in adding an Immersion controller to your existing or new solar installation, please contact us on – 01858 525 407