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    Fruit Focus- Showcases Environmental Energies, the UK’s Fastest growing renewable energy company. Already agricultural specialists and accredited by the NFU, they turn to help the UK’s fruit industry. Just how are UK fruit producers using renewable energy to save the planet and save money?

    Today’s farmers are increasingly using natural energy to grow more than just fruits and vegetables. Solar power, Biomass and Geothermal systems have become a new solution for reducing the energy costs of water pumps, refrigeration, vineyard wine processing, and many other energy-intensive agricultural applications.

    Many producers at Fruit Focus are looking to offset their growing electricity requirements for 21st century farming.

    Solar Energy Systems

    Global use of solar energy continues to grow significantly and judging by the number of large-scale solar installations on farms recently, farmers are keen to invest in cost-saving, sustainable technology.

    The returns can be particularly impressive for those who can install larger systems or who are high energy users, where the savings alone can make a huge difference to the bottom line of their business.

    Save Money

    So, how are UK farmers using renewable energy to save the planet and save money? Here are a few examples:

    * Agricultural irrigation

    * Heating, for year round growing

    * Cold storage for grains, fruits, and vegetables

    * Electricity for pack houses Vineyard and microbrewery bottle processing

    * Vineyard restaurant and hospitality operations

    * Security and task lighting

    * Electric fences, and much more

    UK Fruit Growers

    There are many opportunities to apply renewable energy technologies within fruit farming, but which one is best for you?

    Biomass supplies heat, as does agricultural-ground-source-heating and air source geothermal systems, but solar energy is clean and unlimited. Capturing the sun’s energy for light, heat, hot water, and electricity. It can also be a convenient way to save money, increase self-reliance, and reduce pollution. A quote from one client”You can actually watch the meter running backwards when the solar panels are working.”
    Many farms harness several renewable energies making use of their best features, some become fully carbon neutral providing farmers with a long-term source of income.

    Government Grants

    Can you get paid for incorporating renewable energy applications on your farm? Yes, you can. Learn about the policies and programs in place for renewable energy.
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