What is Off Grid Energy?

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    What is Off Grid Energy?

    The term “ off grid ” refers to living autonomously without reliance on any central supply of power or water. Therefore, many people who choose to run their homes in this way are living “off grid”. It’s not exactly a new type of energy because many rural communities across the globe have successfully been living autonomously due to a lack of reliable grid access, however, more people have started cutting their wires from the grid, adopting renewable power solutions to consume less power, reduce less waste and recycle regularly.


    Why is off grid energy on the rise?

    With huge technological advancements in recent years, living off the grid is much easier than it was just ten or twenty years ago, yet it’s still not that simple. It requires expert planning and top-quality systems, as well as some lifestyle changes. There is a growing off grid movement firmly underway with many people making a commitment to living sustainably and self-sufficiently. This shift reflects some of the ideas expressed by the 1960s hippie movement, however, in the UK one of the main reasons for choosing the “off grid” approach is because there is no grid available or limited availability.


    How does it work?

    There are many off grid energy systems are excellent and reliable in outage situations and are dependable should potential disasters strike. At Environmental Energies, we specialise in Solar Power, Battery and EV, hybrid power generation. We can, therefore, provide solutions that:

    • Minimise Power Outages
    • Reduce electricity costs over time
    • Ensure an easy alternative for rural and remote locations
    • Help keep the environment clean and green


    Most solar systems can’t consistently generate enough electricity to be a home’s only power source, which is why the vast majority of solar homeowners in the UK maintain a connection with their utility company. In order to leave the electric grid and provide your own power using solar, you’ll need to buy a specially designed off grid solar kit, as well as quality battery systems to store the extra energy that you don’t use when production is high, so you can use it when your system is not producing energy, such as at night.


    Our advanced technological solutions

    Our systems are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, with savings on energy and ongoing maintenance costs. The off grid generator range that we provide is tested and supplied to meet rigorous demands – yet our solutions can be completely customised to your requirements. Furthermore, you can enjoy full flow of power amidst any outages or cuts, which certainly is not the case for The National Grid, which can take a great deal of time to restore service to normal levels.

    You can learn more about us and the businesses and communities we’ve helped in the past by reading through our many case studies and testimonials, but if you have any questions or wish to learn more about our off grid solutions, please call send us a message or call 01858 525 407.