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    Environmental Energies

    Case Studies

    A Solar PV Solution for Stitches Farm

    A family owned poultry farm, Stitches Farm needed to find a renewable energy solution that could meet the high levels of energy required to heat 7 broiler houses, housing over 92,000 birds, whilst reducing their carbon emissions at the same time.

    A Solar PV Solution for Hulcote Crop Store

    Hulcote Crop Store presented a unique opportunity. Due to its primary purpose, the store is used predominantly during the summer months when harvesting is taking place and the energy usage is very high at this time. For the rest of the year, however, the store sits empty.

    A Multi Technology Energy Solution for Church Farm

    One of the major milk suppliers to Sainsbury’s, Church Farm tend to over 700 pedigree cows. Since Dairy Farms on average use 25% of their power on hot water, Church Farm required a green energy solution that could not only fulfil this need but also provide heating for the offices and the family home.