Environmental Energies

    Slate Barn Farm’s Solar Transformation

    In the bustling agricultural landscape of Peterborough, Slate Barn Farm swiftly embraced a sustainable future with a prompt installation of solar panels by Environmental Energies Ltd. Faced with the impending harvest, the farm sought a quick turnaround to initiate immediate savings against soaring energy bills.




    Synergising Renewables: Wind and Solar Unite


    Already equipped with wind turbines, Slate Barn Farm fortified its commitment to renewable energy by integrating a 57kWp solar panel system. The seamless synergy between wind and solar technologies not only diversified their green energy portfolio but showcased a holistic approach to harnessing clean power.




    Overcoming Challenges for a Greener Tomorrow


    The installation journey was not without challenges, notably the presence of asbestos. This hurdle was adeptly navigated by enlisting Oracle Solutions Asbestos Ltd– a reputed, specialist asbestos management company (www.oracleasbestos.com). With their help Environmental Energies Ltd were enabled to ensure a safe and efficient installation. Asbestos is a highly hazardous material and as a result installing solar panels when there is the presence of asbestos is a challenging undertaking.

    When an asbestos roof is present, a company has a few options:
    1. They can remove the roof itself, however this can be very expensive – usually in the £10000’s! Doing this will also then require a new roof to installed (which is even more cost).
    2. Another option is to overclad the roof, and then install the solar panels on top – another expensive route, and the asbestos roof is still present underneath.
    Both examples will add additional cost, but also additional time into the process whilst all these elements are managed.

    With Oracle supporting with the drilling of the holes into the asbestos roofing, the roof has been drilled in a safe manner by an expert and licensed professional.
    We have not only managed to keep the costs down, but it has also improved the pay off period, and also supported meeting the timescales of the customer.

    This collaborative effort resulted in a substantial CO2 saving of 199 tonnes, a 20-year profit projection of £276,705, and an impressive power generation capacity of approximately 53,726 kWhs per annum. With an investment payback period of just five years and a brief one-week installation duration, Slate Barn Farm’s transformation stands as a testament to the economic and environmental benefits of embracing solar energy in the agricultural sector.