Environmental Energies

    A Solar PV Solution for Little Staughton Airfield

    The Challenge

    Little Staughton had previously been home to both Lancaster and Mosquito Squadrons during World War Two, but is now the site of a number of industrial units. Little Staughton had a need for a cheaper, more renewable power supply for these units, and also wished to reduce their impact on the environment.

    The Solution

    After an assessment of the airfield, Environmental Energies decided to take advantage of the large areas of flat and unshaded land available at the site. It was recommended that Little Staughton utilise commercial solar power by installing a ground-mounted 50kW solar PV system as the most cost-effective solution to their problem. The solar array consisted of 208 solar panels, which now receive optimal levels of solar energy thanks to the suitability of the land used.

    The Result

    The industrial units based at Little Staughton are now almost entirely powered by the new solar PV technology. With savings of over £10,000 a year and a reduction in carbon emissions in excess of 25 tonnes, Little Staughton Airfield is seeing great results from their investment. The set-up of the installation also makes it easy to expand the array if and when more power is required.