Environmental Energies

    A Solar PV Solution for Haven Holiday Park

    The Challenge

    As the largest holiday park owner in the UK, Haven presented an interesting challenge. Haven wanted to test new ground by attempting to create holiday caravans that could generate enough electricity to cover their own costs. On average, these static caravans use £200-300 of electricity per year. The test site was based at Rockley Park in Poole, Dorset.

    The Solution

    Environmental Energies partnered with Haven to design a solution for this challenge, using solar power. By installing solar PV technology, they were able to export enough solar energy to the National Grid to cover the level of electricity used by the caravan. The solution consisted of an installation of 8 solar panels, with a total system size of 2kW. The panels were installed on the south-facing side of the caravan roof to optimise the aspect.

    The Result

    Since 40% of the electrical power used on each Haven site is consumed by these static caravans, a solution that allows Haven to generate its own green energy will result in significant savings whenever it is implemented. For each caravan fitted with this solar PV technology, Haven could generate £200-300 per annum in savings, and see a reduction in their carbon emissions by 5 tonnes per year.