Environmental Energies

    A Solar PV Solution for Carrs Welding Technologies

    The Challenge

    Carrs Welding Technologies provide laser welding services to the aerospace, medical, automotive, and leisure industries as well as many specialist engineering companies. As a company that develop products that are used in the green energy generation process, it was natural for Carrs to look for a way to generate their own renewable power.

    The Solution

    Carrs already held a reputation for using significantly less energy than the more traditional welding processes, and following an Environmental Energies assessment, they agreed to the installation of 9.6kW solar PV system. This solar array consisted of 40 solar panels and the aspect was maximised for efficiency.

    The Result

    In line with Carrs’ environmental policy, the company have now reduced their carbon emissions by 26.8 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum and also saving precious natural resources. With total annual savings of £1799, Carrs are seeing a 15% return on their investment.