Environmental Energies

    A Multi Technology Energy Solution for AMIC Haulage

    The Challenge

    As a freight transport company with a large carbon footprint, AMIC were keen to find a way to reduce their carbon emissions and, in turn, their energy costs. Large areas of warehouse space had previously gone unheated due to the substantial cost that would be incurred for the amount of energy required. This is where Environmental Energies were able to provide a green energy solution.

    The Solution

    After assessing the problem, Environmental Energies decided to employ a multi technology solution that involved both solar and biomass boilers. AMIC installed a 17kW solar array alongside a 100kW biomass boiler. The new biomass boiler links directly to the existing commercial heating system, and the solar PV provides the necessary power.

    The Result

    Areas that were previously uneconomic to heat are now benefitting from a new biomass heating system. The dual approach has saved AMIC in excess of £23,000 per annum on their energy bills, and they have seen an ROI of 15%. AMIC have also met their desire to reduce their carbon footprint, and they are now saving over 30 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

    “The team from Environmental Energies installed everything diligently without any interruption to our business or domestic arrangements. Seamlessly integrating the existing systems with the new and adding the new and adding the new fan coil heaters to the warehouse spaces which had previously been uneconomic to heat.

    The staff in the offices are now warm, my tenants are happy and the mechanics can’t moan that their spanners are cold!”

    Mike Smith

    AMIC Haulage