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    Here at Environmental Energies, we are one of the most trusted and experienced renewable energy companies in the UK – and are constantly at the edge of the latest innovations for renewable products. This is why we are one of the Tesla Approved Powerwall Certified Installers and suppliers for the UK. We can supply and install all models of the Powerwall along with the charging options and much more.

    And one of the many benefits of Tesla Powerwall is its ability to store energy and provide backup without interruption. Tesla Powerwall has the added bonus of being quite minimalist in design and easy to fit within the contours of your property. Unlike any other heavy generators and constructions, the Tesla Powerwall doesn’t take up huge space and is not as heavy and intimidating as other more conventional battery storage methods. And there are options to have the battery itself mounted and applied outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference.

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    What is Tesla Powerwall?

    Essentially, Tesla Powerwall is one of the most technologically advanced battery storage systems available. So, if you are looking for a renewable battery storage solution, the Tesla range are amongst the most renowned in the world. Tesla batteries have a much higher capacity then other similar batteries on the market. Which means that it can utilise solar energy more efficiently and effectively, thus giving you a greater output of energy.

    Tesla’s Powerwall range are indeed a huge step forward in the world of solar battery technology, compared to like companies. It boasts up to 13.5kWh of storage. It delivers 5kW of power continuously and up to 7kW for 10 second periods and is excellent value as the price per kWh of storage is the without question the lowest on the market.
    The Tesla Powerwall is by far the most popular battery in the UK market! And here at Environmental Energies, we are your local supplier. And we’ll supply, install and maintain your Tesla products should you choose to purchase them through us.

    Benefits of Tesla Powerwall?

    There are many benefits to using and applying Battery Storage to power your property. As well as the lower carbon footprint element, there is also a potential to save money on standard electric bills. But there are many more benefits to Tesla’s Powerwall in particular that may go unnoticed, but here are some of them –

    – During an outage, unlike electrical generators; Powerwall keeps things moving and working seamlessly without the extra upkeep and noise. So things stay working, almost making you immune to any kind of power / electrical outage in the location.

    – When paired with Solar PV, your appliances can keep running for days without interruption.

    – Powerwall also reduces your reliance on the grid, and allows you to store energy when there is no sunshine.

    A combination of Tesla products working in unison can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and allow you to store energy throughout periods of power outages.

    Control Your Energy Production and Consumption

    One of the innovations that consumers can enjoy with Tesla; is the ability to control your property’s energy consumption and production. And with this, Tesla have created an app which allows you to do exactly this. Once you have your Tesla Battery systems installed, simply download the app – which allows you to then monitor and enhance the optimisation of your Tesla battery usage. You can also setup alerts and notifications for you to further enhance your usage – thus allowing you to control the system from anywhere in the world.

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    Powerwall Battery Specification

    Energy Capacity – 13.5 kWh, 100% depth of discharge, 90% round trip of efficiency

    Power – 7kW peak / 5kW continuous

    Size & Weight – L 45.3” x W 29.6” x D 5.75” … 251.3 lbs / 114kg

    Installation – Floor or Wall Mounted, Indoor or Outdoor. Water and dust resistant.

    Warranty – 10 years

    Price – Upon Request

    Environmental Energies are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, meaning that we can provide all the options you need from beginning to end to provide a seamless renewable energy supply. We supply, install and maintain.

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    Our Solutions

    Solar Power

    A photovoltaic system, or solar PV system, is a renewable energy generating system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter to change the electric current from DC to AC, as well as mounting, cabling and other electrical accessories to set up a working system.

    Battery Storage Solutions

    If you're looking for a battery storage solution, look no further than Environmental Energies. Not only can we help save you money on your energy bills, but as a business - you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply

    Off Grid Solutions

    We are experts of out of the box thinking when it comes to renewable energy, particularly when there is no grid available or limited availability. Our job is to ensure you have the most effective solution available, delivered in the shortest amount of time, so you can get on with your day seamlessly.

    Voltage Optimisation

    Optimising voltage can significantly reduce electrical energy use and improve the useful life of your electrical equipment. This is achieved by stabilising your voltage to 220 volts, which is the UK voltage that most electrical equipment is designed to operate at.

    EV Charging

    Here at Environmental Energies, we supply and provide a number of commercial and domestic EV charging solutions. We recognise that the market is changing daily where people are looking for a more efficient solution to their day to day lives.

    Solar Car Ports

    Environmental Energies provides a car port solution to you to deliver a completely bespoke and high quality solution to not only store your vehicle, but to keep it energized and charged. So you can be rest assured that your car will be sheltered also.

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