Solar panels on the roof of a community building



Green living and community developments succeed when green energy solutions are developed in partnership with experts.

Local authorities and communities choose renewable energy solutions to source their own energy, providing them with a cost effective way to manage their energy consumption and reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Renewable community energy provides a viable investment opportunity with high returns on investment.

Environmental Energies delivers clean green energy solutions tailored to meet the needs of communities and local authorities to deliver a sustainable, affordable approach to energy.

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Local authorities, keen to meet the needs of the communities they serve, face on-going challenges. Tasked with finding ways to reduce costs, fight fuel poverty, generate new revenue and provide cheaper and cleaner energy, more and more local authorities are choosing to tackle those challenges head on by embracing clean green renewable energy.

Read our guide to find out how renewable energy can benefit your community.

Solar panels on the roof of a community building


By reducing and managing energy requirements from planning through to development, local authority and community projects, like community funded solar panels, benefit from Environmental Energies’ bespoke green living solutions.

In this constantly evolving sector we develop advanced solutions designed for local and community groups’ specific requirements. Each solution provides a sustainable, affordable approach.

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Integrated renewable energy solutions offer more effective and efficient methods of managing fuel poverty.

By introducing collective switching, purchasing and saving processes, Environmental Energies help generate higher return on investment for development projects and present viable investment opportunities. Community energy projects can be funded through community finance schemes.

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Packaged solutions for the servicing, maintenance and monitoring of existing or newly installed systems.

Lynfield Mount NHS Hospital


Environmental Energies collaborated with Lynfield Mount NHS Hospital in Bradford to develop a bespoke solution for solar energy that met emergency power requirements, while generating maximum energy.

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