Solar panels on the roof of a house

A Solar PV Solution for Mr Blacklee

The Challenge

Knowing that solar energy was proven to generate enough electricity to power a residential property, Mr Blacklee wanted to make the switch to green energy in order to lower both his energy bills and his carbon emissions.

The Solution

After a consultation with Environmental Energies, Mr Blacklee agreed to have 16 solar PV panels installed on the roof of his family home.

The Result

Mr Blacklee’s solar PV panels average 21.5kW a day, and he has been able to turn off his gas water heating system entirely. He now runs on an electric immersion heater instead.

“The electricity meter seems to be spinning backwards most of the time and my daily input of electricity from the mains has dropped to a nominal 5kW per day.”

Mr Blacklee, homeowner

Posted January 10, 2016