Dataracks factory powered by solar energy

A Solar PV Solution for Dataracks

The Challenge

Dataracks, a leading manufacturer of data storage software, required a commercial renewable energy solution to build on their existing commitment to environmental responsibility. As they already invest heavily in recycling and recyclables, it was a logical step to look for a renewable energy source that could improve their environmental performance further.

The Solution

After a thorough assessment, Environmental Energies proposed a 150kW solar PV system that consisted of 612 solar panels spread across two rooves. The system was installed with optimal aspect and minimal shade, with solar inverters delivering the green energy directly to the factories for immediate use.

The Result

By designing, installing and managing a solar system that delivers electrical energy directly to the storage facilities, the solution has returned a 20% yield and approximately £30,000 in annual savings. In addition, Dataracks have reduced their carbon emissions by a further 73 tonnes a year.

Posted January 10, 2016