A voltage optimisation system for the Taylor family

A Voltage Optimisation Solution for the Taylor Family

The Challenge

With 2 adults and 2 children living in a 4 bedroom detached home, the Taylor family’s electricity consumption of 6000 kWh was costing them £698 a year.

The Solution

Environmental Energies recommended that the Taylor family install a voltage optimisation system in their home. Voltage optimisation is a simple and efficient way to reduce domestic energy usage. The technology works by stabilising voltage to 220 volts, the voltage at which most electrical equipment in the UK is built to operate.

The Result

Following the installation of voltage optimisation technology, the Taylor family saw their electricity consumption decrease to 5588kWh per annum at a cost of £579. This equated to an annual household saving of £110 for the family.

Posted January 15, 2016