A solar PV installation on the barn roof at Hulcote Crop Store

A Solar PV Solution for Hulcote Crop Store

The Challenge

Hulcote Crop Store presented a unique opportunity. Due to its primary purpose, the store is used predominantly during the summer months when harvesting is taking place and the energy usage is very high at this time. For the rest of the year, however, the store sits empty. Hulcote decided to look for a green energy solution that could reduce their energy costs during the summer, and generate its own income stream for the rest of the year. Hulcote also specified the need for a silent solution that did not produce any toxins, due to its proximity to other tenants.

The Solution

After assessing the premises, Environmental Energies recommended the installation of a 100kW solar PV system that could be mounted on the roof of the crop store. The installation was managed with great care, to ensure none of the crops were damaged during the process. A total of 406 panels were installed to provide solar energy for Hulcote’s heating and drying needs, and this array would continue to generate solar power throughout the rest of the year.

The Result

Hulcote Crop Store is now seeing savings of over £15,000 per annum thanks to the installation of solar PV technology, which is able to generate income during quiet months by feeding excess energy to the National Grid. The investment in solar energy has resulted in a 15% ROI and has reduced the carbon footprint of Hulcote by 47 tonnes a year.

Posted January 15, 2016