Biomass boilers at Winyard Inn

A Biomass Boiler Solution for Winyard Inn

The Challenge

A traditional family pub in rural Dorset, Winyard Inn recently expanded its business by beginning to offer a number of holiday apartments for let. This business decision prompted the Inn’s owners to search for a sustainable, cost effective solution to heat both the Inn itself and the newly added lets.

The Solution

Environmental Energies collaborated with Winyard Inn to install a 60kW biomass boiler, which now supplies a district-heating scheme through highly-insulated underground pipes. These pipes guarantee maximum efficiency. Space on the premises was limited, but as the biomass boiler needed to occupy a central position between the Inn and the holiday lets, Environmental Energies found a solution by housing the biomass system inside a container. The container has even been clad with timber, to ensure that it blends into its natural setting.

The Results

The new biomass system is now supplying both commercial heating and hot water to the Inn and the new apartments. The use of woodchip as a fuel, rather than oil, produces as much as a 60% reduction in cost of power production. This has amounted to a total annual saving of around £9000, and after 4 years the Inn will see an ROI of over 20%.

WInyard Inn 3

WInyard Inn 2

Posted January 14, 2016