Solar panels at Winyard Inn

Biomass for Hotels

More and more hotels, b&b’s and guest houses are reaping the rewards of installing Biomass heating. Have you ever been in a cold hotel, well maybe, but most hotels are burning so much fossil fuel between them that they could solely be the cause of global warming!

Recently, more and more hotels and conference centres have been embracing the use of commercial biomass heating boilers. Biomass is a winner particularly when heating large buildings. In these situations the payback time on the investment can be as little as 3 years.

For instance if a 200kW boiler was installed, you could expect 30 to 40% savings in fuel costs, £22,000 plus per annum in RHI payments for 20 years and a 97% saving in C02 emissions and pollution.

The governments Renewable Heat Incentive payments are available to all hoteliers and are index linked and guaranteed. Just think if your investment can be returned in 3 years, there are 17 further years to reap the profits. Biomass heating makes huge sense not just financially but also for business’s to promote their green credentials. Biomass fuel, whether it be wood chip or wood pellets are renewable resources, so we simply won’t run out. Added to that they burn incredibly efficiently, cleanly and in doing so drastically reducing pollution and C02 emissions compared to fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

Environmental Energies Ltd has recently worked with a number of hotels and commercial operations installing biomass, and in each and every case biomass has provided large savings on annual fuel bills. Ben Durrell – Operations Manager at Environmental Energies says “Some of our customers had really been struggling with rising fuel bills, but biomass heating has cut bills significantly and has allowed them to continue to heat their premises as customers would expect.”

Biomass Boilers can be added to your existing heating system quickly and efficiently using experienced and approved suppliers. Most good suppliers will also help you with your RHI application for tariff payments from the government.

For a free site survey and economic assessment contact Environmental Energies or take a look at our 6 step process.

Posted September 26, 2015