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Environmental Energies is a leading UK based independent renewable energy company who supply, install, monitor and maintain the latest renewable energy technologies. We develop and integrate bespoke customer-based solutions across the UK, designed to help companies and individuals reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. Our solutions cover all types of renewable technology including solar PV panels, biomass boilers, CHP, heat pumps and all commercial and domestic heating solutions.

Based in Leicestershire, we operate throughout the UK: from North West England, across Wales and the Midlands, including Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Derbyshire, over to East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, throughout the whole of the South including London, Kent, Surrey and Berkshire and all the way down to Devon and Cornwall. 


Renewable energy solutions are designed to reduce energy costs, carbon footprint and taxes, while generating excellent rates of return and enhancing green credentials that are essential for today’s trading economy.

Our green energy solutions cover a wide variety of technologies, from longstanding solutions such as solar energy, biomass and heat pumps, through to the latest innovations, including combined heat and power (CHP) and organic ranking cycle (ORC) – all of which are sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient.


Businesses across the UK can benefit from our bespoke renewable energy solutions, as well as our circular economy inspired waste to energy solutions, that are managed end-to-end, from development, design and installation through to monitoring, administration, and ongoing maintenance.

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Fully integrated renewable energy solutions including commercial biomass boilers and solar PV systems to address carbon footprint reduction strategies and green agendas. Tailored green energy solutions to meet and conform to long-term corporate energy reduction and sourcing goals.

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Bespoke renewable energy solutions for UK businesses of all sizes and sectors, designed to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint and give a high return on investment. From commercial solar PV panels, CHP, biomass boilers and other commercial heating solutions, through to energy reduction technologies such as LED and voltage optimisation.

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Green energy solutions for local investment opportunities. Solar energy, heat pumps and biomass boilers for fuel-saving community projects in the midlands and across the UK.

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Renewable energy solutions including solar energy, CHP and biomass boilers to help reduce the costs of estate management and farming, supplying essential green energy for UK landowners and farmers.


Heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar energy solutions for UK households. Generate renewable energy to reduce energy consumption, take control of energy bills and see a healthy return on investment.

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Packaged solutions for the servicing, maintenance and monitoring of existing or newly installed renewable energy systems.

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Our waste management solutions can help you achieve your objectives towards the future of a circular economy.

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